Hoard of Beans
Layer gif of the Hoard of Beans (self portrait of me and my dog/s)

Layer gif of the Hoard of Beans (self-portrait of me and my dog/s)

So, I was contacted by a friend of mine who is a member in a vintage motorcycle club about doing a group portrait. I didn’t have much in the way of motorcycle group shots in my port to who them so I grabbed my dog and my bike and whipped this up. the first thing I did was decided on an appropriate location. this parking lot seemed to fit the bill. I waited till the sun was going down and took a background plate. I ended up using a composit panorama of about 6 photos. next I set up my speed lights. I knew that I would turn the lights of the trucks on in Photoshop so I tried to keep that in mind with the placement. (the cool rim light looks motivated by the headlights) then using my cameras timer I grabbed Beanie and jumped in the frame. next I took 5 or 6 different frames of the smoke puffs. (I used babby powder) then 20 or so frames of the beans, trying to get her in as many different parts of the frame as possible. shooting took an hour or two. now in to Photoshop. I merged the original 6 images for the back ground plate. then placed the lit bike and selfie. then the puffs of smoke were added using the warp tool to get them to match the background. (must have moved the tripod just slightly) then I added the multiples of my dog. the compositing was made easier because I didn’t have to be exacting on the masks because of using a tripod. after that it was just adding the light effects and some color grading. Photoshop time 2ish hours? idk. the motorcycle club ended up going a cheaper way (read GWC) but I had fun and ended up with this photo of me and my Beans!

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