My studio, Hitman Photographics, is everything i’ve wanted since i stated shooting. Tall ceilings, plenty of room, and in a great location for outdoor work. photographers come from all over the region to shoot in my backyard! i am influenced by classical paintings, and current photographers working in fashion, glamor, editorial and fine art. i am constantly collecting strange, interesting and fun things to shoot with. i love new ideas, and concepts and meeting new people who are creative and bring something to the table. have an idea for a shoot, or need an idea for one? let me know and we can make it happen!
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  • Fiora

    Hey, Rick! It’s Lorén F.
    I’m the girl from Memphis that teaches at Indie acting studios.
    I hope you’re at the Nashville auditions today. I told my cousin to get his headshot with you. Please give me a call

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